The Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, California has made great progress on their full-scale Fokker Dr.1 project and recently performed the first full assembly of the airframe.

The museum is building the aircraft strictly for static exhibition and plans to make the cockpit accessible so visitors can sit in the machine and have their picture taken. It is being constructed from Arizona Model Aircrafters plans and will wear the colors of 425/17, Manfred von Richthofen’s famous mount.

It is hoped that the triplane will be complete sometime this year in order to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the type’s first flight.

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HpH Models has announced the development of a new tool 1/32 model kit of the A-20 Boston WW2 attack bomber.

The kit is reportedly being created in partnership with HGW Models, although additional details are scarce.

Although full kit contents, livery options, pricing and release date have yet to be announced, the company has released a series of photos showing the assembly of basic parts and surface detailing. Click below to see more.

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Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire is seeking volunteers to serve as guides and ambassadors for the upcoming exhibition “Lincolnshire in World War One: Bastion in the Air.”

The project, which will launch next year, is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and will include exhibitions at The Collection in Lincoln and the RAF Scampton Heritage Centre. The goal of the effort is to “tell the story of Lincolnshire’s involvement in British aviation during the First World War and its role in the birth of the Royal Air Force.”

The Collection exhibit, which will run from May through September 2018, reportedly focuses on “the contribution by the county to the nation’s air defences in the First World War, the large-scale construction of aircraft for the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) at factories in Lincoln and Gainsborough and the rise of the Royal Air Force in Lincolnshire, which led to an enduring presence in the county that still includes a national air defence role.” [click to continue…]

During a presentation at the recent E-Day International Scale Kit Exhibition in the Czech Republic, Eduard displayed images of a number of exciting new model kit projects.

The aircraft on the company’s schedule include 1/48 examples of the P-51D Mustang, Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10, Hawker Tempest Mk. At and Focke Wulf Fw 190A-3, A-5, A-8 and F-8. Also included are 1/72 examples of the Fokker D.VII and MiG 21-MF, PF and PFM.

Additional details about the upcoming releases have not yet been announced. Click below to check out additional images.

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Airfix has released new details on their upcoming new tool 1/48 Hawker Sea Fury FB.II, including livery options and a look at the finished product.

As previously reported, the kit was developed with assistance from drawings, reference books and photographs as well as advanced LIDAR scan data which “uses light from a laser to accurately map the surface of the subject aircraft in three dimensions”. The result will reportedly allow builders to select from a variety of options, including flying and static configurations, folded or extended wings and equipment ranging from bombs and 3-inch rocket projectiles to 90 gallon drop tanks and an underwing camera pod. A Jet Assisted Take Off (JATO) pack will also be included to represent the aid given to heavily armed Sea Furys as they attempted to take off from the relatively short decks of British Aircraft carriers.

The newly released build images show the model wearing the colors of FB.II WG629 of No.807 NAS as it appeared during the summer of 1952 while deployed in the Mediterranean. The kit will include marking options for WJ236 of No.801 NAS and VR930, currently operated by Royal Navy Historic Flight of Yeovilton.

The kit is currently slated for release in November. Click below to check out additional photos.

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On Thursday, AirCorps Aviation in Bemidji, MN performed the first post-restoration engine test for Texas Flying Legends Museum’s P-51C-10NT S/N 43-24907.

The airframe, which never saw combat and was used for training during and after WW2, now wears the colors of 42-103585 “Lope’s Hope 3rd” flown by Lt. Donald Lopez of 14th Air Force, 23rd Fighter Group, 75th Squadron. Lopez scored 5 victories in WW2’s China-Burma-India theater before becoming a test pilot and finally deputy director of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, a position that he held until his passing in 2008.

Thursday’s engine runs “went beautifully” and saw the Merlin V-1650 fire up after only a few revolutions. A total of three tests were conducted: the first two, which lasted for 30 seconds and around two minutes, respectively, were reportedly performed as part of the process of getting all the air out of the coolant system. The third test saw the machine taxi out to a taxiway so it could be run at higher RPMs.

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Armory Models Group has announced the upcoming release of two new Bf 109 E-3/E-4 model kits as part of their Workhorses Series.

Each offering will reportedly contain two 1/144 scale kits dubbed “In the Beginning” and “Battle of Britian Aces.” The kits are touted as boasting both plastic and photo etched parts with the completed models measuring 60mm in length and spanning 68mm.

Additional details, such as livery options, pricing and a final release date, have not yet been announced. Click below to check out the box art for the second kit.

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The Aircraft Restoration Company (ARC) has announced the acquisition of Spitfire T.9 PT462.

The machine was originally built as a single-seat HF IX in 1942 and went on to serve with 253 Squadron in the Mediterranean as well as the Italian and Israeli Air Forces. Its remains were recovered from Israel in the early 1980s and transported to Winchester, UK, where it was rebuilt by Charles Church – being converted to a two-seat T.9 in the process.

PT462 returned to the air in 1987 and remained in Winchester until the mid-1990s, when it was relocated to Florida, and then back to the UK, being based at North Wales and operated by Anthony Hodgson/Dragon Flight.

The recent acquisition will see PT462 based at Duxford Airfield along with the rest of the ARC fleet, which includes a Bristol Blenheim Mk 1, Hispano Buchon, and another Spitfire T.9, PV202.

(via Aircraft Restoration Company Additional Information via Warbird Registry and Gloucestershire Transport History Photo: Tony Hisgett via Wikimedia Commons)

A 1964 F-4C Phantom has hit the market.

The aircraft is reportedly equipped with ejection seats and over 90% of all instrument panels. It is said to have been reassembled after being cut into seven pieces and is now a “finished static product.”

The Phantom is located in Witt, Illinois and is currently being offered for $1 million. Click here to check out the complete listing.

Wingsy Kits has released a new series of photos showing the molds for their upcoming 1/48 model kit of the Mitsubishi A5M2b “Claude” (Early Version).

According to the company, galvanizing baths have been completed, although much additional work is still required to clean, polish and further prepare the molds for additional treatment. The kit will reportedly include plastic and photo-etched parts and waterslide decals for four machines.

The offering appears to be a follow up to Wingsy’s new tool kit representing the late version of the WW2 Japanese carrier-based fighter which was released last year. Availability and pricing details for the upcoming early version have not yet been announced.

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