Yesterday, C-53 Skytrooper “Beach City Baby” performed a taxi test under its own power for the first time in 20 years.

As previously reported, the aircraft (S/N 41-20095) was constructed by Douglas and was on the factory floor when the Pearl Harbor attack occurred in December 1941. It was delivered to the USAAC in January 1942 and was soon flown to Africa to participate in Operation Torch. The machine also saw service transporting troops and VIPs during the war and completed its service with FEA, Cairo Division.

Following civilian service with Danish Airlines/SAS and a stint as “Buckeye One,” the official state aircraft for the governor of Ohio, the Skytrooper was retired and flown to the USAF Museum in Dayton, Ohio where it remained until 1990, when it was acquired by Ohio University of Athens and stripped of its engines. Eventually Ken Joseph stepped in and returned it to an airworthy state, obtaining a ferry permit and flying it to Beach City, Ohio in 1992. [click to continue…]

After adding an extremely rare Nakajima B5N “Kate” to its collection of WW2 aircraft back in 2016, The Pacific Aviation Museum in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii has reported that the machine has been moved to its new home in Hangar 37 as part of a new exhibit.

As previously reported, the B5N was considered the most effective aircraft operating with the Imperial Japanese Navy, and was credited with causing the bulk of the damage sustained by battleships during the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941.

The museum’s restoration shop, located in historic Hangar 79, had begun restoring the aircraft for static display, although a final livery has not yet been selected. The process is reportedly complete for now, and details about the new exhibit are said to be forthcoming.

Click below to check out a video of the recent move.

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The restoration of Friends of Jenny’s Curtiss JN-4 reproduction 38262 is nearing completion and the machine is reportedly being readied for its “coming out” party in College Park, Maryland on August 9.

This particular Jenny was built by a team of workers over a 16-month period beginning in June 2012. Constructed from original drawings, it employs a GMC V8 engine rather than an OX5 or Hisso and had appeared at numerous events until performing an emergency landing in August 2017.

The aircraft is currently scheduled to participate in the Centennial Air Mail festivities at College Park Aviation Museum on August 10-11. Friends of Jenny’s event page notes that the machine will “reenact the original air mail route as it was first developed by the U.S. Postal Service between Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City,” with plans to depart College Park for Republic Field, NYC on August 12. Festivities will reportedly take place along the way including “N. Philadelphia and over flight of former Bustleton Field” followed by “New York aviation activities including Cradle of Aviation Museum” on August 13 and 14.

Click below to check out recent photos of the restoration progress.

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Eduard has released their new tool ProfiPACK edition model kit of the Bf 109 G-10 in 1/48 scale.

The kit (82119) reportedly focuses on “aircraft produced by the Messerschmitt factory in Regensburg” and is said to include plastic parts, a painting mask, pre-painted PE parts and marking options representing W.Nr. 130282, flown by Hptm. Franz Wienhusen; W. Nr. 130297, flown by Fw. Horst Petzschler and W. Nr. 130342 of 5./ NJG 11. Liveries for 1./ KG(J) 6 and 13./ JG 27 machines are also included.

Product Page ($52.99)

Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona has reported that their newly restored P-40E has been placed on display.

The aircraft, which arrived at the museum last September, is reportedly made up from parts of several wrecks recovered from New Guinea, although the museum is identifying it as S/N 41-25163 “Arizona” flown by Lt. Sidney Woods of the 9th Fighter Squadron, 49th Fighter Group.

The machine has reportedly been moved to its permanent home in the museum’s new Hangar 5 facility. Click below to check out photos of process.

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A 2/3 scale Isaacs Spitfire Mk Vb has hit the market.

The aircraft reportedly features an inline engine which eliminates “unsightly ‘bubbles’ which usually house the flat 4 engine in other scale versions” while the cockpit is said to retain “an original spade joy stick with firing button.”

The machine is currently based in Northallerton, United Kingdom and is currently open for bidding. Click here to check out the complete listing.

Yesterday, Pioneer Aero, Ltd. of Ardmore, New Zealand reported the first outing of their P-39 project into the sunshine “wings on, wheels down” since WW2.

The project (42-20341) is reportedly based largely on an ex-Soviet Air Force P-39Q which was recovered around 1995, although it is also said to feature parts obtained from P-39Q 42-20341. The machine is reportedly owned by Jerry Yagen / Military Aviation Museum and is being restored to airworthy condition as USAAC 220341.

Click below to check out images of the aircraft in its current state.

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Arma Hobby has announced the upcoming release of a new tool Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 model kit in 1/72 scale.

The kit will reportedly feature a detailed interior and wheel bays, open or closed canopy display, an optional tropical version, two types of propeller blades, three types of spinners and photo etched details. The kit will also be released in junior and expert editions, with the latter offering cockpit and wheel masks and “significant” photo-etched plates. Decal options will reportedly include “Aces as Urbanowicz, Zumbach, Frantisek and others.”

The kit is currently slated for release at the end of September. Click below to check out additional images.

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A Rolls Royce Viper-powered BAC Jet Provost Mk IV has hit the market.

The machine (S/N XR-701) is said to have been assigned to the British College of Air Warfare and was a member of the MACAWS flight demonstration team. It reportedly “flies great” and includes “complete logs since new including military logs.”

Additional features reportedly include a Garmin radio and PS Engineering intercom and “very original” interior with intact seats and chutes (seats have been deactivated but are believed to be complete).

The aircraft is said to have amassed a TTIS of 5,940 hrs. It is currently based in Sugar Land, Texas and is being offered for US $26,000. Click here to check out the complete listing.

Flight simulation developer Aeroplane Heaven has released new renderings of their upcoming Heinkel HE 111 P-2 for FSX/SE, P3DV3+ and P3DV4+.

As previously reported, this will be the team’s second version of the WW2 German medium bomber, having previously included an example of the type in a Battle of Britain package created for CFS3.

The new images show the machine’s exterior ready for paint. A release date has not yet been announced. Click below to check out additional images.

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